OAK CITY, N.C (WNCT) – The Martin County Sheriff’s Office reports that deputies and firefighters responded to a house fire at 315 South East Ave. in Oak City around 9:15 p.m. Deputy Justin Barr arrived and made contact with family members outside the house. He found out that Solomon Baker was inside the burning house. A family member was attempting to help Baker escape the house through a window that was too small.

Other deputies soon arrived and together, they began to attempt to rescue Baker. Sgt. Shaun Craft started to remove the window from the house to get Baker out. Sgt. Andy Beacham entered the house through the back door but was unable to get through the heavy smoke. Deputy Justin Barr and Deputy Seymour Whitaker entered the house through the kitchen.

Their body-worn cameras captured the events as it took place. Barr and Whitaker nearly crawled through the house to locate Baker in a bathroom. They were able to locate Baker and help guide him through the smoke and out of the house.

Barr, Whitaker and Baker were able to safely get outside and into the fresh air. Oak City Fire and EMS then arrived on the scene and were able to control and eventually put the fire out while Oak City EMS checked out Baker.

The family member who was attempting to help Baker out of the window was treated for a cut to his arm along with Craft, who also received a minor cut.