RICHLANDS, N.C. (WNCT) – A meeting took place Thursday night in Onslow County concerning the installation of an all-way stop on NC 111 and Haw Branch Road.  

Some residents have questions and concerns about the intersection and hoped to get answers at the meeting.  

Just up the road at Mike’s Farm, owner and operator Mike Lowe told 9OYS he’s concerned about the future of the intersection. 

“We’re really extremely busy in the fall out here, from October to December. We have hundreds of people coming in and going daily and a lot of them on Christmas at night,” said Lowe.  

He fears that the all-way stop could hamper people that visit his business.  

“I want my customers to be safe. It really hurts your feelings when you have people come out to our farm to enjoy themselves and then they end up in an accident,” said Lowe.  

Coke Gray, the regional traffic engineer covering division three for the NC Department of Transporation, said the meeting on Thursday night will hopefully address all the questions concerned residents might have.  

“Two people have to make a mistake for a crash to happen at an all-way stop. Typically, our data shows that they reduce fatal crashes by 68% and injury crashes by 77%,” said Gray.  

Gray added the stop is coming to the area because of a statewide initiative where they reviewed over 400 intersections, including the one at NC 111 and Haw Branch Road.  

“There were 33 crashes in 10 years at this location. The all-way stop was the most economically feasible way to reduce injuries and fatal crashes in intersections like this,” said Gray.  

The funding is complete for the project. Gray said if all goes well at the meeting, it should be installed soon.