Millions of eligible Americans won’t get coronavirus stimulus check


Millions of Americans who are eligible for a stimulus check won’t get one, WFLA reports.

Lower-income Americans who don’t make over the threshold for filing taxes ($12,200 per year for individuals, $24,400 for married filing jointly) may not have filed taxes in 2018 or 2019, and if not, they won’t get a check.

Americans who don’t earn any income at all may also not get a check, because the IRS doesn’t have an address on file for them or bank account information.

College students or young adults may also fall in the overlooked category.

Most college students are still claimed as dependents on their parents’ tax returns. This means they’re not eligible to receive the $1,200 stimulus check.

But their parents also miss out too, because the $500 per child is only paid to dependents 16 or younger. College kids, young adults and disabled adults or seniors who are dependents also don’t get a check, and neither will their caretakers.

Immigrants working in the U.S.–whether they came here legally or illegally, most of whom already pay taxes–also won’t get a stimulus check, especially if they don’t have a Social Security number and file taxes using a taxpayer identification number. 

This omission also leaves out their kids, many of whom are Americans who were born in the United States and any Americans who do have earned income but aren’t filing their taxes when they should be could also be left out.

Anyone eligible who wants to ensure they receive a stimulus check can visit this link on the IRS website to file their information.

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