New Bern issues State of Emergency as the city preps for Hurricane Dorian


NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) It’s all calm in New Bern but the city is getting ready for any impact from hurricane Dorian. 

The city is currently under a state of emergency. 

Public information officer Colleen Roberts explains that this is an emergency mechanism that allows the city of New Bern to take certain steps to protect the safety of their residents.

She says, “It’s the first thing we have to have in place in the event we have to request local, regional, state or federal resources to come in and help us.”

This state of emergency also allows the city to impose curfews if there is damage after a storm,

City officials are encouraging residents to subscribe to their emergency alert system code red.

You can download the app straight to your smartphone or sign up through the city of New Bern’s website.

“It sends you certain weather alerts right to your phone um it is also sort of a way we do an all call to our residents alerting them to different hurricane hazards that are happening across the city of New Bern,” says Roberts.

The city wants to be ready in the event of storm surge flooding, significant rain, power outages, and wind damage. 

“We’re working with electricity to get people staged to come help with those power restorations afterward, we are ordering food we are setting up our emergency operations center, doing all those things to allow us to survive a disaster,” Roberts says.

Right now the city is coordinating sand piles to be brought, for residents to pack up sandbags.

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