CarolinaEast working to keep mothers, newborns healthy during the pandemic

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NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) The coronavirus is adding a new complication for expectant parents.

Health experts say pregnant women are at higher risk for the coronavirus because many women can develop high blood pressure, diabetes or decreased lung function.

CarolinaEast’s Women and Children’s Pavilion has people and methods to try and keep moms and babies in the clear.

The hospital has nurses who will only work on non-coronavirus cases and ones that will only help infected pregnant women.

There are also visitors restrictions in place to keep out the virus. Plus, workers frequently clean and disinfect surfaces.

“We’re here for you. We have access to information and updates all the time. We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our plan. We are prepared for your arrival. We anticipate that it’s gonna be a little bit different and might be a little bit nerve-racking for our patients but that they’re not alone,” said Shawna Knight, Women’s & Children’s Pavilion Manager, CarolinaEast Medical Center.

When it comes to protecting your newborn baby at home Knight says to realize that newborns don’t show sickness the same way adults do.

She suggests always keeping track of any abnormal changes your baby may display and contact your doctor id needed.

To keep all patients safe, leaders with the hospital are requiring that staff and now visitors and vendors wear some form of face mask while inside the hospital.

“When it comes to being in the middle of a pandemic that changes a little bit. This is a fluid process. There are so many changes every day as well learn and grow through this experience and as new studies come out to teach us about what we need to do to prepare and react. We update ourselves on the new standards of practice every day,” said Knight

Knight has some advice for an expectant mom dealing with this pandemic — stay hydrated, keep a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest and safe exercise.

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