Craven County concrete recycling company reuses demolished buildings for new projects

New Bern

NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – There are more than 250,000 tons of materials at Carolina Concrete Recycling.

Some of that material comes from New Bern’s Old Stanley White Recreation Center. The business owner believes this work is important because it keeps pieces of the city from going into a landfill.

“It’s very interesting how you can recycle a whole building,” said Kris Brittain, owner of Carolina Concrete Recycling in New Bern.

Recycling is Brittain’s passion. He finds new uses for concrete from torn-down buildings and bridges.

“The machine I’m loading the material in is called Jaw Crusher,” Brittain said. “It breaks down the material into three-inch diameter concrete then it feeds it into a machine called a screener. That separates it into two different sizes and then takes all the trash.”

Brittain works with Craven County and private contractors, buying materials, breaking them down and selling them. It keeps waste from going into a landfill.

“It’s very important because it’s less property the county has to purchase and be in the landfill,” said Brittain.

Right now, Brittain has concrete from the old New Bern bridge, an old Kmart, a former motel and the Stanley White Recreation Center.

“It just saves so much on landfill and then the recycling part is the best part,” he said.

The broken down concrete is reused for other projects like new buildings and roads.

“The growth with the New Cherry Point project,” Brittain said. “It’s $3.5 billion renovations and a lot of the materials are coming here to get processed. “

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