NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — Craven County commissioners are working on plans for its newly purchased Sudan Shriners building on Broad Street.

The building cost $6 million and was approved by a vote of the commissioners. The commissioners are looking at different options regarding what to do about the building and the property it sits on.

“The dilemma we had as a county is that the parking lot which is behind us here, we use for the county employees as well as the court system and it is owned by the Shriners,” said Denny Bucher, vice chairman of Craven County commissioners. “So we were very concerned when we heard the property was all going up for sale.

“I know people have been inside and they said that the stormwater just did a, where we’re standing we would be underwater it was as much as six feet here and so the whole first floor is damaged all the way through.”

Bucher said the building was too costly to restore, a decision reached by the commissioners. Some residents said the building should be torn down. However, others disagree.

“I think it should stay, it’s such a great building and the architecture in that building, when you go past that building, you can’t help but look at that building. that building has so much great architecture in it,” New Bern resident Michael Simpson said.

Bucher said that when the sale on the property closes in February, the commissioners will either tear the building down, sell part of the property, or build something for the county.