NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – The Craven County Jaycees wrapped up their annual Spring Fling Fair on Sunday.

The Jaycees are a community service organization. They’ve been hosting the fair for over 10 years. This year, the event included a lot of carnival food, rides, games and entertainment for the whole family.

The Spring Fling helped kick off spring and provided fun for friends and families. One organizer with the Jaycees said the goal of the event was simple.

“To be fair, just have people come,” said Johann Vernillet, vice president of marketing for Craven County Jaycees Fairgrounds. “You know, cause we’re still trying to rebuild and everything so we don’t know exactly who still knows about the Jaycees and all that so our goal was to just get people to come.”

People arrived at the fairgrounds to enjoy the last day of the carnival. Officials with the Jaycees said the crowd was bigger than they expected.

“You know, especially since post COVID and everything and everyone’s still kind of afraid to go out. But seems like people are starting to finally get comfortable again, and you know, enjoying the come up to these things,” said Vernillet.

Organizers said the fair allowed people to learn more about the Jaycees as they continue to add more members to their board and team. Even though the Spring Fling has wound down, they’re already looking ahead to the next fair in the fall.

Vernillet said the goal for the next fair is to keep going and hopefully have bigger turnouts as they go.