On Monday, Craven County officials released new details on delivery of new recycling bins, and start dates for its upcoming transition from weekly recycling pickup to monthly recycling pickup.

On Monday, August 26, Waste Industries/Green For Life is scheduled to begin delivering 47,000 of their 95-gallon, lime and green recycling carts to Craven County homes and businesses.

Craven County officials said all the new recycling carts should be delivered by September 28, but weekly pickup of the county’s current, 18-gallon recycling carts will continue until October 4.

The monthly curbside recycling program is scheduled to begin on October 7, and will cost a household $60 each year to participate in. Recyclables placed in any container other than the 95-gallon roll cart will NOT be picked up after October 4, county officials said.

Craven County residents are encouraged to keep their 18-gallon recycle bins and repurpose them after the weekly recycling program ends in October.

Residents who do not want to keep the 18-gallon recycle bins can give them to someone else who will use them, place them empty at curbside with your trash, or drop them off at one of Craven County’s seven recycling convenience sites.

The new curbside recycle program in Craven County will affect all of Craven County and its municipalities except for Bridgeton, which manages its own curbside recycling pickup.

Residents who do not wish to participate in the curbside recycling program can contact Waste Industries/GFL at 252-638-1366 and request their roll cart to be picked up; however, the $60.00 annual fee will still apply.

The new recycle carts will have a white stamp on the lid to help educate residents about what is, and what is not, recyclable.

Craven County is working with Waste Industries/GFL to develop educational materials and an interactive website to show residents their curbside recycling pickup schedule. Areas of Craven County will be organized into zones and each zone will be assigned a color and each residence participating in curbside recycling will be assigned a zone color and a pickup day of the week. The zone color and the pickup day of the week will be stamped onto the top of the recycling cart.

Residents who have not received the new 95 gallon lime green and black recycling roll cart by September 28 should call Waste Industries/GFL at 252-638-1366 to request one.

The recycling roll carts are the property of Waste Industries/GFL and each residence is permitted to have one 95 gallon roll cart for recyclables to be collected each month under the program provided by Craven County. Residents wishing to have additional curbside recycling services provided can establish a private service with Waste Industries/GFL.

All recyclable materials to be picked up must be contained within the 95 gallon roll cart and the lid to the cart must be able to close fully or the automated pick up system on the new Waste Industries/GFL recycling trucks will not be able to collect the recyclables. All recyclables should be rinsed and free of food remnants and all cardboard boxes must be broken down or cut down to fit within the container so the lid will close.

Residents who produce more recyclables than a 95 gallon roll cart will hold each month have the option of taking those recyclables to one of Craven County’s seven convenience centers at no charge.

Craven County’s curbside recycling program accepts aluminum cans, newspapers with inserts, mixed paper, clear/green/brown glass, #1 PETE clear plastic, #2 HDPE natural plastic, rigid plastic bottles with the neck smaller than the body of the container (except motor oil and pesticide containers), corrugated cardboard cut down to no larger than 2’ x 3’ and steel/tin cans.

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