NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — A Craven County group, EasterSeals UCP in New Bern, is taking a look at the increasing number of foster care cases in that area.

“There’s has definitely been a jump, and honestly I think it had to do with when the schools started opening back up again, and the reason I say that is because a lot of times reports of abuse and neglect are being reported by those in the school system who are seeing these kids every day and have concern,” said Audrey Fisher, the senior program manager for EasterSeals UCP.

Fisher said the most common trauma-related issues she sees in these cases include ADHD, Post-traumatic stress disorder and conduct disorder.

Along with the increase in foster care referrals and cases, there are also not enough foster homes available for children.

“We receive a minimum of three to five referrals per day,” Fisher said. “We struggle to find a lot of parents who understandably are willing to take a child into their home who in a lot of cases, has significant behaviors.”

Fisher said with the increasing number of cases, they are in need of people to open up their homes.

“We try to go out there and spread the word about our need for foster parents to just put it out there that EasterSeals provides foster care,” Fisher said. “Because we do provide a whole array of services across the state.”