NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – Law enforcement in Craven County hosted the K9 Law and Order North Carolina Seminar on Friday.

The training is partnered with the Throw Away Dogs Project, an international nonprofit that works hands-on with these canines. Canines are undergoing a rigorous three-day training with some of the top handlers in the country.

Sergeant Rebecca Hopper’s K9, Bear, was actually donated to the Craven County Sheriff’s Office by the Throw Away Dogs Project. Hopper said that it’s important to have this scenario training to prepare for whatever could happen in the future.

“We have an opportunity to utilize a weapon because the canine is the only weapon that law enforcement has that we can actually recall,” said Hopper. “You can’t recall a gun, you can’t recall a taser, you can’t recall pepper spray, but you can recall a dog. So it’s a much better tool for us to use.”

Throughout the training, the dogs will be working on their scent detection, whether it be narcotics or explosives. They will also be used for tracking, and criminal apprehension when interacting with a subject.

“I can verbally out him without any correction, and have him come to a heal to me,” said Officer Matthew Arnold. “So that is something that you don’t see in a lot of dogs, especially a two-year-old that I just had for a week now.”

Arnold has one of the newest additions to the New Bern Police Department, K9 Storm. He said he’s excited to bond with each other over the next few days.

The founder of the Throw Away Dogs Project, Carol Skaziak, said they felt it was important to include training in a school setting.

“One of the things that we’ll be covering over the weekend, we’ll be doing active shooter training with utilizing the canine,” said Skaziak.”So we’re going to be focusing on that, we have some of the best trainers that will be able to target some of the problems.”

The K9 Law and Order seminar is looking forward to hopefully returning next year.