NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – Frustrated and concerned residents of the Lake View housing community came out for the New Bern Board of Aldermen meeting Tuesday night. They voiced their concerns about their homes and the developer.

Lake View is a housing development in New Bern, built by Nolan Commercial Contractors, Inc., also called NCCI Homes. Some residents, like Carolyn Adams and Sharon Broaddus, said issues with Bettye Gresham Lane brought them to the meeting.

“The homeowners have continued to reach out to Nolan W. Sydes and their team to regrade the backyards of the affected homes to no avail,” Broaddus said in the meeting.

For Adams and Broaddus, this is not the first Board of Aldermen meeting they spoke at. Both attended and spoke at the board’s meeting on February 14, worried about flooding in their backyards.

9OYS reached out to Adams and Broaddus. They said New Bern was their dream town.

“I would like to make New Bern my home. I would like to make this my happy home. I’m tired of being frustrated. I’m tired of the headaches, going back and forth, I’m tired of all the e-mails, phone calls without any answers, explanations for anything. I’m tired,” Adams said.

“I regret moving here because it shouldn’t be so hard. There is an expectation of certain things, and this is not one of them,” Broaddus said.

The main issue is the backyard, the residents said. Instead of stormwater flowing away from the house, it flows toward the homes. When there is a lot of rain, Broaddus said, there is nowhere for the water to drain.

“We are not in a flood zone, but yet I have had to buy flood insurance,” Broaddus said. “It’s not, again, a question of will we flood, it’s when will we flood if this problem is not taken care of properly.”

On March 14, board members echoed earlier sentiments expressed at previous meetings.

“What can the City of New Bern do to hold this builder accountable for this room full of people sitting in here that are not very satisfied with his actions?” Ward 3 Alderman Robert Aster said.

City officials said they have to grant building permits, adding the city does not have the power to pick and choose who gets a permit.

“If a licensed contractor applies for a building permit, the city has a legal obligation to give that builder a permit. We can’t pick and choose who we think the better builders are. The state makes that decision when it gives them a license,” City of New Bern attorney Scott Davis said.

“The city’s legal authority is to make sure they have a license. And if they do, we have a legal obligation to give them that permit, we can’t withhold permits.”

New Bern city officials also said building standards are set by the state.

“It is a North Carolina state building code. The only authority local governments have is to enforce that particular building code and it’s a minimum building code. It’s not a best building code, it’s a minimum that the state thinks is safe,” Davis said.

Months ago, City of New Bern officials said they sent a letter to NCCI Homes, asking them to discuss issues with the homeowners. New Bern officials told 9OYS they received no response from the building group.

With so many residents facing the same issues, the city decided at the meeting they will be going out to the site.

“What I would like is Alderman Aster, myself, city manager, city inspector, and if somebody else wants to join us, I would like to go out and physically look at these.” New Bern Mayor Jeffrey Odham said. “We need to make sure that we are clear with them on what’s in our purview and what direction we can give them that they may seek help.”

9OYS also reached out to NCCI Homes. In an e-mail, those with the building group wrote they were not aware of any flooding but had received notice from homeowners about standing water in yards and plan to investigate in the future.