NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – More affordable housing could possibly be coming to New Bern in the future. 

During January’s Board of Alderman meeting, the Redevelopment Commission presented a plan to officials about a potential development on the corner of Jones Street and Walt Bellamy Drive. 

“It is on the corner of Walt Bellamy and Jones Street and would have access from Jones Street, which would come behind each of the housing units. We have two one-bedroom units, and two-bedroom units that are shown [as] a kind of a duplex situation,” said one Redevelopment Commission member, Beth Walker, at the Alderman meeting.  

The Redevelopment Commission purchased the property back in June. Now, after the meeting, plans are still up in the air for the future of the vacant lot. 

“How that will end up looking, I don’t, you know, I don’t know, none of us know, it is still working. What we do know is that it would add to the inventory that is sorely lacking,” said the Chairman of the Redevelopment Commission, Tharesa Lee.  

Lee added the community has made progress with other affordable housing projects over the years. 

“We just got Carolina Avenues online. And then Highland Park is coming and Ashley Park and then there’s one going out on Highway 17,” said Lee.  

Officials added in the alderman meeting that additional votes need to be made about funding and some zoning issues need to be resolved before they can move forward with the project at Jones Street and Walt Bellamy Drive.  

Watch the full meeting here.