NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — Residents of New Bern are well aware of Union Point Park’s tendency to flood.

The City of New Bern is taking action and addressing flood concerns. They seek to change the infrastructure of the park.

“The main changes that are going on right now is we’re upsizing some of the pipe system. There was some older drain systems that was inadequate to handle the runoff. so we should see a benefit from this under normal renovations.” said George Chiles, public work director for New Bern.

Chiles said $58,000 from the American Rescue Plan was allocated by the Board of Alderman and the mayor to fund the project.

“We have a lot of events that are coordinated here in the park and when we have rain events, just little rain events, we see standing water that either shuts down the festivals or delays opening for its use,” Chiles said. “And we’re hoping to facilitate a dryer area so that it’s not necessary to shut those festivals down.”

According to Chiles, the current pipe drainage system was installed over 20 years ago. Since Union Point Park is a central hub for events, the city hopes to alleviate the financial damages that floods have caused.

Residents of New Bern said that they are happy and excited that they won’t have to deal with as many flood issues.