NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) — Over 7,500 grave markers fill the New Bern National Cemetery. On Saturday, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, young Marines and locals placed flags at each marker for Memorial Day during an annual Scouts Remembrance Day.

“With Memorial Day, there are a lot of freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. And unfortunately, those that are here that are buried here, were the ones who paid the price for the freedoms that we enjoy today,” said Diane Buchner, Girl Scouts leader and organizer.

Buchner said the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are known for their reverence to God and country. She said the ceremony showed the scouts what they do makes a difference in the community. Some people said they participated in the ceremony in hopes that the next generation of young people will understand the meaning of Memorial Day.

“We just want to share my pride with them and hopefully, I know someday, they’ll feel the same,” said Kit Emmerich, a New Bern local.

One scout leader who’s also a veteran said events like Saturday help make the scouts more aware of the sacrifices made by those who gave their lives for our country.

“It’s good that they understand, you know, part of what the history of this country is, it’s not all just, you know, sunshine and rainbows and there was dark times. And these are the people that went forward in those dark times. To help keep this country free,” said Eric Fries, Cub Master of Pack 57 in the Southern District for the East Carolina Council.

Event organizers stressed that even though the ceremony is called Scouts Remembrance Day, it was also a community event that brought people together for one purpose.