NEW BERN, N.C. (WNCT) – A new Blue Star Memorial is now at New Bern National Cemetery, serving as a permanent marker to honor those that have served our country.

The memorial was unveiled in a special ceremony that included the presentation of colors and the national anthem. 

“We’re having major Memorial Day Services here. May 31, do you think you can get it here beforehand? So, we did,” said the NC State Chair for the Blue Star Marker Program, Paula Hartman. 

This marker has been a long time coming, and it’s the third one in Craven County.  

“When you think about 7,500, just in this cemetery alone, and you look at the overall numbers, pretty incredible,” said retired Maj. Gen. Tom Braaten. 

Braaten said the cemetery is the perfect location for something like the memorial. 

“It just reminds you to think about that one more time. So, it’s not just a great vacation. Now and then we need to stop and think about the people who allowed us to have these great vacations and live like we do,” said Braaten. 

The dedication ceremony also included a blessing of the marker and a military tribute to those that have served.  

“This is eternal and it’s a forever marker for everyone,” said Hartman.  

There are similar blue star memorials across the country, and organizers of Tuesday’s event encouraged everyone to take a moment to acknowledge them when possible.

“They’re in rest areas. They’re at VA cemeteries. They are also VA hospitals. They’re in plazas. I just hope that more people will recognize them and more people will perhaps be interested in installing one and dedicated one,” said Hartman. 

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