New River YMCA Summer Camp Program


At first glance, you would think these girls have been friends for a while, but that’s not the case. Kaylin and Madilyn met on the first day of the New River YMCA camp, just yesterday.

“I asked her a few questions like, ‘I like your picture and how did you draw it like that’,” Madilyn said. “She was like, ‘well I do it like this,’ and then I just thought ‘oh wow she’s really nice, I’m going to ask her to be my friend’.”

The girls are two years apart and attend different schools in Swansboro. Madilyn said at her school she’s used to only meeting kids in her grade, but at camp, she gets to meet kids of all ages.

“You can make friends without even knowing what age they are,” Madilyn said. “Like, I thought she was going into 4th grade or 3rd grade, but she’s going to 5th grade, so I was like wow I’m surprised to meet someone that likes me that acts normal.”

Kaylin said meeting Madilyn has helped her open up.

“Like when you come in you are really shy and scared because you have no friends, but pretty much after you’ve met somebody you can really be yourself, like after I met Madi I just really was myself,” Kaylin said. 

The YMCA’s mission is to teach kids character development values through fun activities. The girls said their camp leaders have taught them about responsibility, respect, and how to have fun while following the rules.

“They are a little strict sometimes, but they’re just trying to do it for our safety,” Kaylin said.

The girls said they are also excited about upcoming events.

“I’m really excited about the swimming and then probably the Golden Corral because I’ve never been,” Kaylin said.

Although summer has just begun, the girls said they can’t wait for school to start to tell their friends all about their summer at camp.

The New River YMCA’s Summer Program runs through August 16 and is still accepting campers.


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