A new small business Greenville is keeping the engine running despite the pandemic. They want to make sure the company is ready to hit the road when everything is back to normal.

Maurer’s Minute Mechanic is a vehicle diagnostic tool that can save you a lot of time and money while you’re out on the road.

“When you’re travelling and if a check engine light or something to that extent should come on, you’ll make sure you and your family are safe by just pulling up and for ten bucks you can find out what’s wrong with your vehicle,” said Martin Maurer, founder of Maurer’s Minute Mechanic.

An average diagnostic from a mechanic is eighty to a hundred twenty dollars, but Maurer’s Minute Mechanic will only cost you ten dollars.

All you have to do is pull up, plug the machine into your car and it tells you what the problem is. You can receive the report via text, email or bluetooth.

You can even have the report sent to the dealership.

“Our slogan is know and go!” said Maurer.

Founder Martin Maurer and his team are hoping to move into the developmental stage and plant the machines at gas stations and rest stops around the state and eventually the nation.

“We hope to have the first one out about two months after we break escrow,” said Maurer.

The company won second place at the Greenville pitch competition last year and now they’re looking for people who are interested in joining the team with a local public offering.

“It’s all about community and with this LPO it gives the average person an opportunity to get involved with the company now while it’s young,” he said.

The LPO is a $2,500 minimum and a $5,000 maximum. Investors will get back 1-1.5 times their investment amount.

And speaking of community, Maurer believes his company could create 300-4– new jobs over the next 3 years with a special group of people in mind.

“Our team members are veterans and we want to make sure we take care of our veterans,” said Maurer. “My son is serving in the military and so we have a special heart for veterans. Putting these machines together, it will just create jobs and help people.”

If you are interested in the LPO or would like to find out more about the company and product, visit https://www.maurersminutemechanic.com/

“I truly believe this company will be a success because its something that’s needed,” said Maurer.