Non-profits offer resources for people still needing help post-Florence


We are once again in hurricane season but so many people are still dealing with the impacts of Hurricane Florence.

In New Bern Monday, several non-profits got together to hold a pop up clinic letting people know there is still help out there.

Malika Baldwin remembers September 2018, all too well.

Baldwin said, “When Hurricane Florence hit, it was emotionally and physically exhausting for me.”

Personally, she didn’t see any damage.

Baldwin said, “I don’t know how it feels to lose everything personally, but I have so many people close to me that lost everything and I know how they felt.”

And that’s why she’s here, she’s working with the group Genesis 457, they help people still struggling with the aftermath of Florence, anything from getting the bills paid — to getting need furniture — and home repairs.

Baldwin said, “I know it won’t be easy but if we can just make it a little easier for someone and take some stress off of them.”

Genesis 457 partnered with Higher Cause Consulting to provide tips for people who may be dealing with stress post-Florence

If you’re dealing with stress, they say, things like —- exercise — change your diet — or, take part in some activities you enjoy can help.

The clinic was also a way to remind people to be prepared for this year’s hurricane season.

Always have a bag prepared with essentials and know what to do about your pets.

Doctor Sharika Causey is with Higher Cause Consulting, she said, “Because hurricanes pass through here so often, a lot of folks kinda just sat still because we are used to it.”

But, that’s what they don’t want you to do.

Causey said, “It’s better to air on the side of caution because you never know.”

If you need help, you can call Genesis 457 at 252-633-1624.


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