North Carolina preps for hurricane season with flood insurance


This week is North Carolina’s Hurricane Preparedness week, and it’s time to get your resources ready with hurricane season approaching.

Insurance offices are recommending you begin to think about flood insurance.

If you sign up now, pay full premium for the year, the coverage begins in 30 days, which is just 15 days into hurricane season.

They recommend not waiting until you see damage because it will be too late.

Insurance companies are prepping this week too.

“We even have catastrophe meetings that involve agents from up and down the whole eastern coast,” said Gayle Bailey, officer manager for State Farm in Greenville. “We’re preparing all the way through, but we have a lot of questions that come in at this time of the year.”

Flood insurance typically ranges from $50 to $100 a month for a homeowner depending on the risk factor.

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