North Carolina’s only Kyokushin fighter heads to compete in NYC this week


Inside a Dojo on the Halifax and Nash County line is a young man who has been training his body and mind.

Christian Buffaloe is preparing for the All American Open Championships in New York City this week. He’ll showcase his skills in a rare martial art called Kyokushin.

“The closest analogy I can think of is maybe Moy Tai or MMA it’s just very hard training on your body physically and mental training as well,” said Christian.

He’s been learning this martial art for 8 years now.

“It prepares you for a full-contact, bare-knuckle knock-down fight,” said Kenny Buffaloe, Christian’s father, and coach.

Christian spends up to 4 hours twice a day 6 days a week with his coach and father Kenny.


“Because the style teaches you a lot of good values about working hard to achieve your goals and never giving up,” said Kenny.

Christian is the only Kyokushin fighter in North Carolina.

“That’s the thing that makes Christian a little unique and that he doesn’t have a big well-established school to go and train where they have not just me but like a lot of top instructors and several champions that are also students that train there,” said Kenny.
Christian never let that get in his way. When it comes to winning this week Christian is appreciative for the opportunity.

“Win or lose the experience always makes me grow each time. Each time I aim to do better than last time” said Christian.

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