KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The water in Kinston will start smelling and tasting differently. City officials want to alert residents not to be worried about it.

This is due to the annual chlorine conversion in the Kinston water system. The city is switching up the water treatment to kill any unwanted bacteria. Officials said that the switch is not harmful to the health of citizens.

The city typically used chloramines to treat the water but will use chlorine between March 13 and April 17. Chlorine has a stronger residual, meaning it’s easier to detect and smell.

“Ever since we started using that, the state recommends systems that use chloramine switch to free chlorine for about a month each year, just to help make sure to keep the systems as clean as we can and prevent bacteria growth in the water systems,” said Steve Miller, the Kinston Public Services director.

Kinston is part of the Neuse Regional Water Authority, which will cause other regions to these changes in their water. Pitt and Lenoir Counties might see a difference as well.

Kinston Public Services urges people to call their local water provider if they are worried about the water quality.