Online Originals: Jones Senior High relives the past for the last time

Jones Senior High Trojans of all ages are reliving the past for the last time. After 70 years of education, change, and countless memories made. The campus in Trenton will be torn down and replaced with a K-12 campus.
Alva Jane Riggs Freeman was a student of the first class of Jones Senior High in 1950. She stopped by to reminisce. During her visit she spoke to students who will be the first class in the building right next door.
“It is a blessing to be able to come back after this many years and see it, even though it is going to be torn down, still see it for the last time,” Riggs said.
Donnie Koonce said he remembers playing on the Trojans football team in 1972 just after the school integrated in 1969. 
“We came out as a victory over that and I just thank God for allowing this to happen. Knowing that no matter what color you are you all can work together, you can play together, you can live together, and bring peace at the same time,” Koonce said.
Pam Banks is the second of 3 generation graduates. Her youngest son just graduated from Jones Senior on Saturday. 
“My whole family is a part of Jones Senior,” Banks said. “My mom and dad, my sister and I, and both of my children, so it’s just kind of neat to have a little tie to everything.”
Deanna Moore from the class of 2001 is a second generation graduate. She said although her son won’t be able to make memories within the same walls as family, they visited the school to share her game day stories. 
“The match box it’s going to be gone forever,” Moore said. “Our iconic matchbox. We had some great rival games against Pamlico, West Craven, oh my gosh it would be so packed here, you couldn’t even get through.”
Mary Murphrey is a graduate of the class of 93. She along with 3 other classmates visited together and spoke about some changes the school made over the years including the addition of the front wing.
“How the smoking pad that was here how that’s changed over the years, how there used to be trailers on campus,” Murphrey said.
Murphy now teaches at Jones Senior High and said moving to the new school is like taking her agriculture class to a whole new era. 
“It’s just totally different,” Murphrey said. ” The technology is just so awesome now. They live in a totally different world, so I’m hoping they can kind of tell their own stories as they go down the road like we did.”
The new campus is scheduled to open on August 5th.

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