Onslow County authorities warn of IRS, legal system phone scams


On Wednesday, the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office issued a new warning about phone and email scammers who pose as an employee of a local or federal agency to get information or money from victims.

Investigators say many local residents have recently reported receiving calls or emails from scammers claiming to represent the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, a local law enforcement agency, or a court system. The scammers typically ask the victim for personal information and money to pay “fines,” or “taxes,” they claim the victim owes.

Deputies gave the following reminders to help people recognize and avoid scams:

  • The Social Security Administration does not advertise benefits on social media. The SSA does not use social media or telephone to inform that their account numbers are “frozen.” The SSA does not ask people for money by phone or social media.
  • The Internal Revenue Service will never threaten citizens or ask for tax money or fines by telephone or social media.
  • Neither the court system or the sheriff of any county issues warning letters or threats about any jury issues, or threats of any arrests by internet, email or by telephone. Neither the court system nor sheriffs will ask for money to take care of “fines.”
  • Do not let anyone make you buy any “gift cards,” send them any money for winning “rebates” or any other kind of money to people you don’t know or trust.
  • Do not ever give your social security number or any other personal information to someone you do not know and trust.

If you do get a scam call or email, or if you believe you are a victim of such a scam, investigators say you should call your local police station or sheriff’s office to report the incident.

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