Patriot Day: Remembering those lost in 9/11 attacks


Anthony Vick says he’ll never forget that day.

September 11, 2001 terrorists crashed planes into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

Nearly 3,000 people killed and thousands more injured.

Vick, only three months old at the time but his grandfather was at the Pentagon that day.

More than 50 college students, veterans, and members of law enforcement gathered to pay their respects to 9/11 victims.

Holding a tribute Wednesday morning, where they sang the national anthem and held a moment of silence in remembrance.

There were New York Police officers in attendance who responded to the attack.

Who say to this day, 9/11 is still hard for them to talk about.

Craven Community College president and Air Force Veteran Ray Staats says he remembers that day in detail.

A day that changed the way we think.

He says 9/11 is a piece of history everyone should remember and learn more about.

For those that were very young and not having been born yet having a sense of history and understanding why we think the way we do about certain things.

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