Phone Insurance: Is it worth getting for the summer?


We insure things we use every day like homes, cars and for some their phones.

     Getting cell phone insurance for the summer, may not be a bad idea,

     The heat and a day at the pool may be fun for you, but could become a potential disaster for your smart devices.

     This leads to the question of whether insurance is worth it.

     Some damages phones retails see are from water, whether it’s from the pool or rain.

     Another common damage is from leaving your phone out in the heat, essentially frying the inside components.

     Almost every carrier offers some type of insurance policy for a few extra dollars a month.

     This could help eliminate the headache of getting a new device.

     Under some policies, you could have a phone the next day.

“The device protection protects more than just the phone,” said Mark Ellingwood, store manager at U.S. Cellular in Greenville.

“It protects the pictures, the photos, the films, and your life. We don’t have photo albums sitting around anymore; everything is right on your phone.”

     A lot of the policies do have limits, such as only 4 device replacements throughout the year, so make sure you read the terms and conditions.

     There are other options such as water and drop resistant cases.

     All in all, if you are a person who is notorious for breaking your phone, you may want to look into a policy.

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