PINE KNOLL SHORES, N.C. (WNCT) — Six swimmers were pulled from the water in Pine Knoll Shores on Thursday with two swimmers being sent to the hospital.

On the Town of Pine Knoll Shores Facebook page, officials said firefighters and EMS along with police officers responded to the rescues of a group of young adults visiting from Raleigh. The rescues happened on the east end of town near the Windjammer. Each of them was rescued due to dangerous rip currents in the water.

Officials said one of the people rescued was so tired from fighting the rip current they could barely stand without assistance. Several of them had also swallowed enough salt water to make them sick. Only one had a flotation device, a single styrofoam noodle.

The Facebook post read in part, “The rescue Jetski pulled several of the victims to shore, and a PKS FD swimmer pulled in another. They reported that all of the victims had only their heads above water. One victim was going under the water to the extent that the rescue jet ski initially did not see him and passed him to get others. They were close to being lost. Of note in this event: the PKS Fire Captain reports that the sea was so calm and flat that a skiff could have been launched in the water.”

Officials urged people to be on the lookout and to stay safe as the threat of rip currents continues.

  • Do not go into the ocean without a means of flotation. It simply does not make sense in this environment unless you are an experienced ocean swimmer.
  • Learn to recognize a rip current. The FD crew says that the rip was so clearly obvious that anyone who took even a cursory look before entering the water would have seen it.
  • Do not mistake calm and flat seas as an indication that there is less risk of danger in the water. We are often asked why flags are yellow or red when the ocean is as flat as lake on a windless day. Today tells us why.