Pitt County comes out for fun, information on World Sickle Cell Day


Wednesday is World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, and one group here in Eastern North Carolina is making sure the community is educated on the condition.

Carla Pastor’s 12-year-old daughter Carly has sickle cell

It does not control her life it does not define her and everybody has something right? This is her something and sickle cell is her something said Carla Pastor

And there are things she and her family have to look out for.

We have to keep her more hydrated and um if she has a fever she has to be taken to the emergency room, said Pastor

Just like Carly, there are other Americans who live with the rare inherited blood disease.

It’s something you are born with. The red blood cells have the tendency to develop an abnormal shape and when that happens blood flow is backed up and can affect every organ in the body said Dr. Fuh Director of Pediatric Hematology, ECU

And Wednesday afternoon the Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency held a fun and informative game night in support of world sickle cell day 2019.

We hope that people leave with more knowledge about the disease itself about sickle cell trait. There are people here they look just like you and I. You can’t tell anything is going on with them, but they have real needs said Marsha Newsome, Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency Inc.  

It was a Hollywood Squares themed game night. Those who came out got the chance to ask firsthand questions to doctors and other sickle cell specialist

Health experts say people who have sickle cell can experience pain and fatigue.

Regardless Carly is living life to the fullest, keeping up with her academics, athletics and, the arts.

And she carries it with grace and ease, said Pastor.


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