The Pitt County Council on Aging is searching for more volunteers to deliver meals to homebound seniors in need.

Each month, it takes more than 200 people to make the Meals on Wheels program work here at the Pitt County Council on Aging, and they are in need of more volunteers.

The Council on Aging said because of the shortage, current volunteers are being overloaded with deliveries, causing meals to be delivered late. 

They need about 30 more people to sign up throughout the county. 

Thanks to the program, more than 310 seniors receive a nutritional meal daily.

The Council on Aging said those deliveries to homebound seniors are especially important in the summertime with heat. 

Volunteers check on them make sure they are hydrated and safe. 

They also make sure their homes are set at the right temperature and see if they are in need of any services. 

Chloe Wilbanks volunteers with her grandpa and mom. 

“It means a lot to them because they don’t see their grandchildren a lot,” said Wilbanks. “That’s why they have smiles on their faces every time I go over there. It means to me so much because it makes (their hearts) feel better, always.” 

There are currently 80 people on the waitlist for the program.

The Council on Aging said it will take just an hour out of somebody’s day to deliver a lunch to a senior in need. 
The more volunteers and donations they receive, the less people on the wait list