(Greenville, North Carolina) – Pitt County Democratic Party Chair Molly Holdeman released the
following statement after the passage of Senate Bill 20 in the North Carolina House on May 3rd, which introduces some of the most restrictive laws to ever impact women’s health in North Carolina.

“Without meaningful public input and despite opposition from medical professionals, Republicans in Raleigh rammed through damaging legislation that denies millions of women all over North Carolina access to healthcare and economic opportunity, as well as the freedom to decide when to start a family. Pitt County’s Republican Representative Timothy Reeder shamefully voted for the bill, despite the fact that organizations like the North Carolina Medical Society came out strongly against it for a multitude of compelling reasons. When people can make decisions that are best for their lives, families thrive and we build communities where each of us can participate with dignity and equality. Today is a sad day for North Carolina women, but rest assured the Pitt County Democratic Party will be doing everything we can to make sure all women’s voices are heard on Election Day.”