In Greenville, plans are in the works to widen Evans Street into four lanes instead of two.

Officials hope the change would help with the traffic problem but some homeowners aren’t happy because it would mean losing land.

Evans Street from Greenville Blvd. down to Cooper Street and Worthington Road in Winterville is the stretch of road we are talking about.

9 On Your Side spoke to many homeowners along Evans, some people saying they’re upset because they don’t want to lose land, others saying they don’t have an opinion, and others saying they don’t know enough about the project to have an opinion.

NCDOT confirmed that they haven’t finalized all plans yet, and don’t know how much land they would need to take from homeowners.

Marie Ramsey and her husband have lived in their home along Evans Street for about 7 years.

She says, for the most part, they’re happy with where they live.

NCDOT’s plans would also add bike lanes and a side walk, which means the Ramsey’s will likely lose property.

 Marie said, I’d rather it didn’t happen but I understand the project is necessary.

Necessary, because of the traffic.

Marie said, The road is very busy and it stays that way all the time just about.

The road work is set to begin in 2021 but for now, Marie is just wanting to know how much land she’ll be losing.

She said, At this point i think we will just take whatever is offered, we do like living here and we dont want to move again

There is a meeting Thursday to discuss this project at The Holiday Inn at 203 SW Greenville Blvd. in Greenville.

It’s put on by the NC Eminent Domain Law Firm, they’ll be going over your rights as a homeowner when it comes to this project.

That meeting starts at 7pm.