ROBERSONVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Plans to build a new community stage in Robersonville are being put on hold.

The community recently received grant approval to build the stage. Now, it’s been determined the original location for the stage will not work, meaning changes are on the way. The big worry is the buildings that surround the area the stage was going to be built were deemed a safety hazard.

Robersonville Interim Town Manager Chris Roberson said the county building inspector noticed a few issues with the buildings.

“By the time the building inspector goes to look at it, generally speaking, there’s a number of reasons why the building didn’t make it uninhabitable or unsafe to occupy it. could be close to falling down could be a mold situation, in this case, I think it was a combination of all, just completely unsafe,” said Roberson.

That’s why the town decided to pick another location for the stage, which will be 300 West Academy Street.

“The newer location would probably be a better fit because it’s next door to a park, and then maybe we can think about acquiring grants to upgrade the park. so it all kind of works together,” Robersonville Mayor Tina Brown said.

After speaking with the director of the Martin County Chamber of Commerce, Rebecca Harned, she said it’s important to keep on top of these unused buildings, especially in trying to economically grow the area.

“What we wanna encourage people to do is that these buildings need to be maintained, they need to be cared for. If they cannot be cared for and maintained, then they need to be let go and allow developers and people to come in and invest in these properties and be able to bring progress to our downtown area,” Harned said.

Officials say there’s no timeline of when the stage will be built at the new location, but they do have a meeting coming up where it will be discussed.