PLYMOUTH, N.C. (WNCT) – Agape Health Services cut the ribbon on Thursday for a $1.6 million community health care center to provide several different care options for people in Washington County.

“We have of course primary medical care and dental services,” said Michael McDuffie, the CEO of Agape Health Services. “We’re taking an approach for integrated case management which is a form of behavioral health services. We will have a 340-B onsite pharmacy where we can pass those savings on medications to patients.”

The 14-exam room facility is also very accessible to the community.

“This is a great opportunity for a significant portion of our community to walkable and bicycle ridable access to health care,” said Plymouth Mayor Brian Roth.

They’re providing this care for every person in the community.

“It’s not only for the uninsured, but it’s for the community,” McDuffie said. “We will accept any third-party insurances. Anyone can come here and receive services.”

With more people getting care, McDuffie said he believes they will truly make an impact in Washington County.

“Plymouth is an area that the health indicators are not really well. Out of 100 counties, they are in the bottom,” McDuffie said. “Washington County as a whole needs some quality health care providers, and we know we will have healthier lives and with healthier lives, we will have a healthier community.”

Agape Health Services hopes to start services for patients in early September. They’ll be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for anyone in need of care. Their facility is at 115 Adams St. in Plymouth.