Pollution causing ‘D’ rating for Neuse River


The Neuse River in New Bern is loved by many, however is just received a ‘D’ rating from lower river keeper Katy Hunt.

Glen Wood, a resident in New Bern expressed his feelings towards the river.

“I love this so dearly, I miss it so much I would just like to see it get back, at least get partially back the way it used to be,” he said.

There are many different forms of pollution impacting the Neuse River.

This includes nutrient pollution, human waster, sewer spills, and stormwater runoff.

Hunt says the pollution is a multifaceted problem that has many different side effects that go beyond just biological or ecological but also economic.

“You know towns that live on the Neuse, they thrive on tourism a lot, and nobody wants to come to visit a town on a stinky dead river full of dead fish floating around,” Hunt said.

Hunt also says she would like to see more people getting involved and coming together to protect this resource.

She adds that polluting industries taking responsibility for their pollution is a great step in the right direction.

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