GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – So, no one has won that Mega Millions jackpot yet. The next big drawing is Tuesday night with an estimated $810 million on the line.

It was just a decade or so ago that a family in Greenville was all the news after they struck it rich. In 2011, James Jones became the biggest Mega Millions winner in North Carolina history. At the time, the overall prize was $114 million.

Jones, a retired banker from Greenville, gave the money to his wife and two daughters. The Jones family decided to get the lump sum with taxes withheld. Jones took the jackpot of $20 million and gave the rest to his wife and children. At the time of the announcement, Jones also mentioned wanting to invest in and support charities as well.

Is this the night you win $830 million Mega Millions prize?

Click here to see an interactive map where Mega Millions winners have turned up in North Carolina.