Residents call on town leaders to fix drainage issues


“I speak out on these things and call it to their attention it falls on deaf ear and we’re tired,” said Patricia Mooring.

She’s tired of seeing clogged ditches and growing holes in Hamilton.

“They harbor water they harbor mosquitoes,” Mooring said.

There’s an open ditch near the Edna Andrews Elementary School. Mooring said it’s been there since she was in school, nearly 50 years and continues to get bigger.

“In March of 2019 we wrote a letter about the ditches asking them to clean them and they did but they’ve clogged up and again and its a hazard for the kids,” she explains.

Mooring said there’s drainage issues in the lower income side of Hamilton and near her home, causing a hidden hole.

“From the ditch being blocked the water didn’t have anywhere to go so it burrowed a hole,” she said.

Motivating her to start a social media initiative , the red stick in the ditch project.

“If you have a hole that’s near your house paint a stick red and put it there so nobody will step in it because you can easily twist your ankle in there and its dangerous,” said Mooring.

She believes these issues are only on one side of town, across Highway 125, to her these issues are no where to be found.

“Their ditches are covered in some areas and they have the drains and manholes and on this side of town our ditches are predominantly open because we’re lower income on this side i think we’re being neglected,” said Mooring.

She wants town leaders to find a solution.

“I want them to take a look at this situation and do an assessment and see what can be done. We have Headstart over here you park the buses right by them.where there’s water standing and it breeds mosquito its a health concern,” she said.

We reached out to Hamilton’s town maintenance supervisor. He was not available for a comment. We are waiting to hear back from him.

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