River Park North celebrates “World Water Day” with STEAM lab opening


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — “Happy World Water Day!”

Water is a big part of everyone’s life.

“Everybody is affected by water,” said Amelia Blake, STEAM coordinator for River Park North. “You drink it, maybe you enjoy swimming, boating or fishing.”

This is why River Park North has installed a STEAM “lab”, which measures water quality, turbidity, P.H. and much more.

It is now home to the only permanent “EarthEcho” water testing station in the country.

“You can record that data through the worldwide database. So scientists can use it,” said Blake. “So you can be a part of the scientific discovery that way.”

A.G. Cox Middle School students were the first to come out and experiment in the lab, alongside the official ribbon cutting and opening.

“My favorite part was doing the water and testing the water,” said 8th grade student, Caleb Phillips.

“Finding things out that people don’t know,” said 8th grader, Mary Bost. “Seeing things that nobody else sees.”

Besides giving the students a chance to learn new things locally, the water testing lab plays an important role in the entire ecosystem.

“Testing the local water here, checking up on its health,” said Sean Russell, program manager for EarthEcho Water Challenge. “We’ll ultimately take that data and share it along with data with 146 countries through EarthEcho world database.”

“It helps everybody. It’s an everybody thing,” said Bost. “It’s not just helping you or one other person. I’ts helping the earth and the seven billion people that are here.”

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