Robersonville to host unity march in light of crime and gang activity


In Martin County, the Town of Robersonville is joining forces to help end violence in their town Saturday with a Unity March.    

People in Robersonville say they’re fed up with the violence.

     The tipping point for some was the murder of 24-year-old Zykeah James of Robersonville, just feet from her home in April.

     March organizers hope by having this march, they can start the conversation on how to fix the issues.

     They want to give back love and compassion, something they say has been replaced by crimes and violence.

     They’re placing blame on the gangs, saying they’ve been ripping families apart for years.

Some residents said they’ve seen children as young as 11 involved in gang related activity.

     Lifelong residents wish the town was back to how it was 30 years ago.

“The town was pretty much well kept up, years back,” said Shelia Bailey, an organizer for the march.

 “But now, it has gotten to the point that it’s just a ghost town.”

“It makes me sad because of the difference that it was when I grew up here,” said another organizer Bobby Jo Dixon.

“We had much safer streets, more activities, there’s not a lot to do.”

The march starts this Saturday at 10am at WC Chance East End Center with a discussion taking place after.

     March leaders are inviting city council members and all different police units to join them Saturday.

     They hope to start to build a bond between them and the community.

9 On Your Side reached out to the Robersonville Police Department for comment and further statistics and the officer on duty said they, “don’t have time’ and ‘would take forever’ to discuss the matters.

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