PLYMOUTH, N.C. (WNCT) – In Washington County, one group wants more people to row the Roanoke River and is trying to start a crew team for a local high school.

According to Louis Manring with the Washington County Travel and Tourism Authority, they have the rivers and they have the rowers. All they really need is a coach. Manring said Washington County is the perfect place for rowing. The waters are calm in almost any weather, more than 20 feet deep, on average more than 400 feet wide, and the river is long enough for a 1,000-meter race.

Bringing rowing to Plymouth would provide more opportunities for students looking for a team sport, said Manring, and that there are students already interested in the sport from the local Washington County Early College High School. But what the area needs is a coach.

“We’re looking for someone who has some experience, either in high school or college, doesn’t have to be last year or five years ago. If they’ve had any experience, we’re just looking for someone to get involved and maybe help us start this program,” Manring said.

Manring also said bringing rowing to Washington County would help the area economically, encouraging people to visit for competitions and events.

Those interested in coaching or supporting the crew team efforts can contact Manring at the Riverview Cafe in person or message him on the Riverview Cafe’s Facebook.