Salute the Boot Memorial honors those who serve


Flags of freedom are waving down Main Street in Havelock for Memorial Day weekend. 

The Havelock Appearance Commission placed more than 200 flags and boots at City Park. 

The Salute the Boot Memorial happens once a year in the park to honor service men and women for their sacrifice. 

Each military boot is an honor of someone retired or currently serving. 

Along with the flags, selected boots have a photo or bookmark attached to them, telling the story of the person who wore them. 

“They’ve all walked many, many miles in those boots to protect our country. They wore them with a uniform that we should all be very proud of them,” said Elane, a member of the Havelock Appearance Commission. 

The flags will be displayed until Tuesday. 

In front of the memorial is a basket of toy soldiers that you can take home with you. 

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