Several car break-ins reported in Snow Hill, PD says


Lock your car doors! That’s a message from Snow Hill Police.

Officers have responded to several recent car break-ins recently.

9 On Your Side was told by police they’ve had 3 reported.

Officers say “Don’t be an easy target.”

Hinson Britt lives in Snow Hill; she says snow hill is a pretty tight-knit community.

Britt said, “You basically know everybody, there are a couple of people you don’t know, maybe.”

But she says no matter how small the town, Snow Hill only has about 1500 people, you can never be too careful.

Britt added, “I always lock my car doors.”

Snow Hill Police saying they’ve had several car break-ins lately, they say it’s always good to lock your doors at night.

Allstate Insurance adds: it’s good to lock your doors anytime and it’s also good to not keep anything valuable in your car, keep your car clean, maybe get a car alarm or theft detector, and always keep your car parked in a well-lit area.

Something Alan Mitchell, who also lives in Greene County, says he always does.

Mitchell said, “I don’t care if it’s just for a few minutes, it’s always a good policy to lock your car doors and keep them locked when you walk away from that car, you’re still responsible for it.”

And as far as the break-in’s, Britt says she’s always on guard.

She said, “It’s kinda scary you know thinking you can’t go anywhere nowadays without something bad happening.”

Snow Hill PD says nothing of much value was taken from the cars but if you know who is responsible, give them a call.

Their number is (252) 747-3414.

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