CHOCOWINITY, N.C. (WNCT) — A 45-year search for a long-lost sister has ended, and now, they are spending Thanksgiving together for the first time.

Lisa Strang and Amanda Brooks were both adopted shortly after they were born in England. Neither of them knew they were siblings until two years ago.

Amanda Brooks, left, and Lisa Strang (Ryan Harper, WNCT photo)

Strang was adopted and taken to the United States after her birth. She now lives in Chocowinity. She began searching for her family in an attempt to learn more about her own medical history.

Strang’s godmother, who lives in England, offered to help her search. After sifting through birth records and Ancestry DNA testing, Strang found her sister, Amanda, also living in England.

After a two-year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic, they met for the first time at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Monday night. They will be spending Thanksgiving together before Amanda and her husband return to England on Sunday.

“I had built up this image of the sister that I hoped I’d have, and I am so fortunate. She’s everything I could ever wish for, for a sister. I’m blown away,” said Strang.

View the video to learn more about their reunion.