KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Hotels are filling up across Lenoir County.

That’s because Kinston is hosting a Top Gun Sports softball tournament this weekend.

“We’re seeing somewhere around 110 softball teams from the eastern region of the United States come to compete here in Kinston, Lenoir County. And we’re one of the few locations that has enough fields available to host this size tournament,” said Parks and Recreation Director Corey Povar.

Thousands will visit Kinston for this event, which has been happening for five years.

Kinston officials are already seeing benefits from the tournament.

“It’s just an opportunity to highlight that it’s all females. And it’s about 110 teams that’ll be here, which have sold out our hotels, which is very good, very good for us. So this is a good economic driver for us,” Kinston Mayor Don Hardy said.

It’s not just hotels that are filling up.

“But also, all of our local restaurants benefit from this and our community really, really thrives being able to take in these additional tax dollars and our business owners flourish,” Povar said.

To have an opportunity for folks to come to our city and county to be able to spend money is definitely what we are about,” Hardy said. “Spending money, making an economic boom in our community. So it’s a big deal being able to draw folks here to our community with activities.”