North Carolina Democrats spent Monday meeting with constituents to lay out new priorities and a new agenda.

It focused around a Carolina promise, featuring four key points: schools, health, jobs and people.

In Greenville, Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and Sen. Erica D. Smith spoke at Pitt Street Brewing. Sen. Smith said the economy is a center piece of their plan.

“We promise to ensure workers get the pay and benefits that they earn and deserve by cracking down on employer mis-classification as well as withholding tips for overtime pay. We believe in equal pay for equal work,” she said.

Sen. Smith also said she wanted to focus on expanding grants for small town businesses and put more of an emphasis on growing small and rural areas.

“10 jobs in a Pitt County or one of the smaller rural counties like Bertie where I serve, 10 to 20 to even 15, would have a major impact in the local economy.”

Sen. Smith and Rep. Farmer-Butterfield both said teachers need to be paid more and advances in technology need to be made to better connect rural communities.

The General Assembly reconvenes on May 16th.