State Treasurer Dale Folwell to discuss new N.C. healthcare plan


State Treasurer Dale Folwell will outline his plan to keep North Carolina’s State Health Plan solvent beyond its projected fiscal life span.  

Currently, the State Health Plan serves over 700,000 teachers and other state employees and their families.  

However, at current spending levels of nearly 3.3 billion per year, it is estimated the plan will run out of money in 2023.  

Currently, North Carolina spends 13.8% of the entire state budget annually on the state employee’s health plan.  

On top of that, the unfunded liability for retiree health benefits is 32 billion.  

According to Folwell, that level of spending is clearly not sustainable.  

Folwell will detail steps he believes are needed to slow the rising cost of the state health plan while compensating health care providers fairly for services.  

The plan has passionate supporters and opponents which are currently battling in the state legislature over future control of state health care management.

The major point of conflict appears to be between those concerned with the burden on taxpayers and health care consumers versus the interest of hospitals and other major health care providers concerned with the potential loss of revenue.

The event is a chance for public debate on the pros and cons of current taxpayer commitment to the State Health Care Plan.  

It’s an opportunity for state employees, health care providers, and average citizens to hear about proposed changes and voice concerns about the possible impact to all involved.

The presentation started on Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Stanly Hall Ballroom in downtown New Bern.

The program was organized through a partnership between the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (CCTA) and the John Locke Foundation. 

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