Students sharpen their STEM skills over Christmas break


Many schools are out for Christmas break.

For some parents who work, it may be difficult finding a place for your children to go.

At Sylvan Learning Center in Greenville, there was a STEM camp all day long where middle and elementary-aged students continued their learning over Christmas break.

Students enjoyed a day full of robotics and game design.

“I like how sometimes it can be challenging,” student Vivian Smith said. “I don’t like easy stuff. I like to be challenged.

Instructor Amy Burne said STEM camp teaches students problem-solving.

“Perseverance, you know don’t give up, sometimes this piece doesn’t work, but you want it to work differently and you want to play around with it,” Burne said. “I think it really works on their social skills as well as their STEM skills as well as their career skills.”

Students were able to make top spinners and code noises for animals made out of Legos.

Burne said the STEM camp  the perfect option for any parent who has to go back to work before their child returns to school.

“It keeps them out of trouble, and also it continues to stimulate their brains, so it’s a learning time rather than a dead time,” Burne said.

You can contact Sylvan of Greenville to sign up for their next STEM camp on December 27.

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