Jahmya Hargrove describes her self as a hard worker, devoted Christian and a fighter. 

On April 24, 2019, Jahmya’s life took a turn after coming face to face with death while on a trip to Atlantic Beach. 

It’s a day that still haunts Amyell Ricks. 

“It was a family vacation with my two children, nephew, and fiancé,” said Ricks. “All of a sudden my nephew gets caught in a current, and I go running in the water and I’m searching for my child and I kept asking where’s my child.” 

A frantic search turned into panic. 

11 minutes went by and still no sign of Jahmya. 

“People were still searching and praying for Jahmya to resurface,” said Ricks. “A big wave came which had Jahmya’s body in it which I believe is the hand of God,” “All of a sudden, I look and I see a swimmer and he’s motioning me to come and they have found her body.” 

Amyell rushed to her daughter and the sight has yet to slip her memory.

“Her body was lifeless and her head is to the side with foam coming out of her mouth,” said Ricks. 

A crippling thought ran through her mind and she knew her faith was being tested. 

“This time she’s gone, and I just continue to pray,” said Ricks. “As I continue to pray, rescuers were able to get a pulse back and after two to three rounds of C.P.R, I hear someone says she took a breath.” 

The revelation required resecures to spring into action. Jahmya was transported to a nearby hospital and later airlifted to Vidant Medical Center. 

“They give her a cat scan and she has no brain damage or anything of the sort,” said Ricks.

Doctors called Hargrove’s recovery a miracle. 

“3 days later, they start taking tubes and stuff off, and by day 7, Jahmya is completely resorted and re-healed,” said Ricks. “She walked out of the hospital without any problems at all.” 

Amyell says there’s a powerful force that helped her daughter recover. 

“God gave me this peace and grace,” said Ricks. “He’s the same God that heard my cry and answered my prayers.” 

Jahmya is back with one goal in mind. 

“I want to tell my story,” said Hargrove. “I want to tell people how good God is.” 

The entire ordeal has brought this mother and daughter closer. 

“She’s my role model,” said Hargrove. “I always strive to do everything to do what she does because she’s always there for me.” 

The pair have a message for the community. 

“Learning about rip currents is critical,” said Ricks. 

“People don’t know about rip currents,” said Hargrove. “It is severe and many people could lose their life.”