One family is doing everything in their power to end domestic violence in honor of their daughter and sister, Caitlyn Whitehurst.

The Whitehurst family are taking steps to try and save at least one life in a domestic violence relationship after the tragic death of their loved one.

In a domestic violence relationship, the abuse starts slow and builds upon itself over time through power, control, and manipulation.

The abuser uses intimidation, isolation, emotional and economic abuse, coercion and threats on the victim.

Warning signs are that the abuser shows extreme jealousy of your time away with friends/family, controls who you see, go and do, intimidate you, prevents you from making your own decisions, insults you, and acts in ways that scare you.

If you are in a domestic violence relationship and want to know how to get out check out The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Caitlyn was a beautiful young woman who had a heart of gold and a laugh that could light up a room.

She never showed her family the abuse she was undergoing and wanted to protect her family from the hurt she endured daily.

The Whitehurst family is trying to process this devastating loss and wants no other family/woman to go through this.

They are selling bracelets to promote awareness and will donate all the proceeds back to the Local Center for Domestic Violence. 

Judson Whitehurst, the father, will match all that will be donated (for every bracelet sold he will double that amount in his donation).

If you are interested in the bracelets many will be in local stores (Shimmer, My Sister’s Closet and Attic, Monkees of Greenville, and It’s Sew Wright) and they will hold donation boxes.

You can also buy them from EJE Recycling.

The website or Facebook page for them is TBD.

The Whitehurst family stated they want to thank those in the community for the overflowing support.

Specifically to Vidant Medical Center (PICU family, NICU, PDAY), First Christian Church, and Open Door Church.

In Dare County, a public-private partnership for a dredge Bethel will be named in honor of Caitlyn for the hope to bring awareness to domestic violence.