WINTERVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Town of Winterville is asking for resident input on a new traffic garden that will be built in Hillcrest Park.

The new project will help bicyclists and pedestrians learn about road safety as well as how to share the highway with vehicles. It will include things like using real-life scenarios such as crosswalks, traffic lights and bicycle lanes. Several groups and organizations will be working on the $15,000 project.

Winterville Mayor Ricky Hines said this is a great educational tool for the community.

“Anytime that I can help facilitate anything to help save someone’s life, I’m all for it,” Hines said. “That’s the main goal. is making sure that everybody understands how to share the road.”

Hines added there will be a booth set up during National Night Out where residents can give their input on what they want in the garden. The hope is the project will be finished by the end of September.