Twitter flagged a tweet by President Trump on Saturday morning that encouraged voters in North Carolina to sign and send in their ballots early then vote at the poll if the ballot wasn’t counted.

The president’s full tweet reads: “NORTH CAROLINA: To make sure your Ballot COUNTS, sign & send it in EARLY. When Polls open, go to your Polling Place to see if it was COUNTED. IF NOT, VOTE! Your signed Ballot will not count because your vote has been posted. Don’t let them illegally take your vote away from you!”

Since voting twice in North Carolina is not legal, Twitter officials say the circulation of the tweet is being limited.

The tweet, “…advise[s] people to take actions which could be illegal in the context of voting or result in the invalidation of their votes,” according to Twitter.

When you click on the tweet, you’ll see a message before you read it that says the president’s tweet “violated the Twitter Rules about civic and election integrity.”

The message goes on to explain that the tweet is still visible because, “Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

Engagements on the tweet were also limited, so less people will be able to see or like the message.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein responded to the president on Twitter, saying: “NORTH CAROLINA: Do NOT do what the President directs. To make sure your ballot COUNTS, sign and send it in EARLY. Then track it ONLINE with BALLOTTRAX. Do NOT vote twice (it’s a felony), or waste your time, or unnecessarily risk exposure to more people.”